Prototal Damvig achieves ISO 14001

Prototal Damvig achieves ISO 14001

Prototal Damvig will be certified according to the ISO 14001 environmental management standard in spring 2023!

Prototal Industries would like to congratulate Prototal Damvig on expanding their certifications in environmental management. Prototal Damvig has met the requirements to receive the ISO 14001 certification, which commits them to strive for the lowest waste of resources and as little pollution as possible.

Among other things, they have also committed to using and continuously expanding an environmental management system that supports their ambitions. They are dedicated to ensuring that their employees have a high level of competence to consistently meet their environmental goals.

The new ISO 14001 certification is a visible proof of the behavior and culture they have practiced for years. See certifications.

Working with design and construction requires a high level of accuracy and precision. That’s why we at Prototal Industrie always strive to meet these requirements.

Effective, energy-efficient, and aligned with our future goals

Effective, energy-efficient, and aligned with our future goals

The P 500, in combination with the new material, will enable a more efficient and sustainable way to serial additive manufacturing.

Prototal Industries, Northern Europe´s biggest supplier in 3D printingvacuum casting and injection molding, has announced the installation of a state-of-the-art EOS P 500 system as well as the 100% biobased material – PA11. This P 500 system in Ystad will complement Prototal’s existing machine park of over 80 professional AM-systems, among them already two P 500 systems at 1zu1 in Austria. The P500 will be completely dedicated to serial production in the material PA11.

Jan Löfving, CEO of Prototal Industries: “For us, this is a strategic investment. The modular platform design will bring immediate operational and throughput benefits to Prototal customers, but also aligns perfectly with our future goals in Europe for industrialized 3D printing. We will, as a pilot, process the high-performance polyamide PA11.”

PA100 – high performance, 100% bio-based polyamide

The high-performance plastic polyamide 11 (PA11) is made from 100% renewable castor beans and the material has good chemical resistant. Strength and durability are two key benefits that make the material ideal for functional parts. High ductility is a major benefit too, offering excellent impact resistance for parts in applications like automotive or aerospace, as well as other manufactured parts that must hold up to rigorous use like protection equipment for sports. The trademark properties of PA11 include lightweight, flexibility, durability and overall toughness.

Jan Löfving, CEO of Prototal Industries: “It suited us perfectly to use PA11 with the investment of the P500. For us, this is extremely important, because we are taking a huge step on the journey to a more sustainable future. The PA11 is one step in the right direction, and this will enable sustainable, serial additive manufacturing.”

The EOS P 500 enables Prototal to mass produce parts through its powerful 70W twin lasers and ability to apply and compact the polymer material at up to 0.6 m/s on the build platform. The P 500 excels in its high speed without compromising process stability or part quality thanks to sophisticated temperature management, which improves manufactured parts’ dimensional accuracy, material properties, and homogeneity.

As a growing company determined to substantiate its position as a market leader in Europe, Prototal is focused both on continued innovation and sustainability. The EOS P 500 and PA11 is not only extremely efficient at processing build jobs, but also very energy efficient.

Jan Löfving, CEO of Prototal Industries: “It’s effective, energy-efficient, and perfectly aligned with our growth strategy and future goals.”